Accounting Cloud

Healthy growth

In order for a delicate sampling to grow into a proud tree, it needs strong roots. We can provide you with customized advice on all strategic issues.

Fertile ground

It is not only cherry trees that thrive in the Canton of Zug. We also have the optimal conditions to cultivate your economic growth.

Bountiful harvest

We will accompany you through each phase of your company's development so you continue to harvest the returns over the long term.

Seeds of success

Plant a cherry seed in the right conditions and you will reap the fruits of success. We will give your company the fertile ground it needs to thrive.

Flourishing business

Bring your company to full bloom. We can show you efficient strategies to position yourself for success on the market.

Sustainable development

We are always thinking one step ahead and will show you solutions to new challenges. So your company tree will flourish year after year.

Tender loving care

We will provide you with comprehensive and competent support engrained in a spirit of partnership. So your company tree will continue to bear fruit for many years to come.

Accounting Cloud

With the accounting cloud, we have created a modern solution intended to meet the needs of many SMEs. You gain secure access to your own virtual workplace in our cloud. This allows you to take care of routine work usually performed by an accounting department yourself or to have it done by a part-time employee within your company, while at the same time being able to call on our specialists for help should you need assistance with difficult questions, closing entries or VAT statements. Your accounting is kept on a separate secure server at Gyseler AG that can be accessed by our internal specialists, meaning they can provide you with direct support. 

Your advantages with this solution:

  •    No procurement costs for accounting software. You use our professional software in the Gyseler cloud
  •    Costs are only incurred if you need to draw on our in-depth accounting knowledge. You can take care of routine accounting work yourself without any charges from us
  •    In the case of employee absences or shortages, we can step in immediately on an interim basis and continue your accounting
  •    In addition to access to the professional accounting software, you can also see your tax and company files managed by us in separate folders
  •    Continuous support from our experts ensures clean annual financial statements and represents a major advantage over self-booking programs. The information contained in your annual financial statements thus carries more weight for you and you are also likely to be confronted with fewer questions, for example from tax offices
  •    Availability of all evaluations, including accounts receivable or accounts payable lists, monthly financial statements, etc. at your workplace
  •    Automated dunning process for open accounts receivable
  •    Payment proposal for accounts payable and automated payment of the invoices you select