With us you are well advised

Sustainable development

We are always thinking one step ahead and will show you solutions to new challenges. So your company tree will flourish year after year.

Fertile ground

It is not only cherry trees that thrive in the Canton of Zug. We also have the optimal conditions to cultivate your economic growth.

Seeds of success

Plant a cherry seed in the right conditions and you will reap the fruits of success. We will give your company the fertile ground it needs to thrive.

Bountiful harvest

We will accompany you through each phase of your company's development so you continue to harvest the returns over the long term.

Flourishing business

Bring your company to full bloom. We can show you efficient strategies to position yourself for success on the market.

Healthy growth

In order for a delicate sampling to grow into a proud tree, it needs strong roots. We can provide you with customized advice on all strategic issues.

Tender loving care

We will provide you with comprehensive and competent support engrained in a spirit of partnership. So your company tree will continue to bear fruit for many years to come.

With us you are well advised

Gyseler AG is a Zug fiduciary services and consultancy firm that offers regional, national and international small and medium-sized businesses comprehensive advice in all areas relating to finance, accounting, taxes, fiduciary services, audits, insurance and corporate strategy. We offer you all the services you need for economic and strategic planning and implementation. Gyseler AG is accredited as an insurance advisor with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and as the official auditor for the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (RAB), and is registered as a member of Treuhand Suisse.

We have our roots in the Canton of Zug – a place where cherry trees grow, and where the economic conditions too are ripe for businesses. In 1998, Stefan Gyseler laid the foundation – the core – for Gyseler AG. We do a great deal and have a professional passion for the interest of our customers and work to develop ourselves further systematically and on an ongoing basis.

Our success factors are independence, an excellent network and competent advice from a single source – without the need for huge coordination efforts. We support you as an SME advisor with many years of experience in a wide range of areas, and in particular we look after you personally and as a partner.